Bid Day Basket FAQs & Return Policy

How do I order a Bid Day Basket

- The process is simple!  You can order online, in-store at both the Stillwater and Tulsa location To pre-order online, click here!

When do I need to order the baskets by?

-You can order a Basket up until Bid Day, However, the sooner the better! Baskets are available for pre-sale on our website and in-store. We place a high priority on those orders that are PRE-ORDERED in advance.  We want to make sure your new member has the best Bid Day ever!  Pre-order now!

Where do I put the recipients name when ordering a Bid Day Basket?

- When you add the basket to your cart, there is a "special instructions" section at the bottom of the next page.  You will put the recipients name, their hometown, and what you would like the "From" on the gift tag to say.  For instance, instead of your full name if you would like it to say from Mom & Dad then you would mention that in this section.  If you are on a laptop, the "special instructions" may not be visible and you may need to scroll down.  If you click the "Checkout" button, you have gone too far.

What if you run out of a size?

- If for some reason, we run out of a size, a different size will be substituted (which can always be exchanged later for the correct size) or a gift card will be issued instead that can be spent on anything at our store.  

What is the Bid Day Basket return policy?

- We are more than happy to exchange any item your new member received for something of equal value or for store credit.  Sorry, no refunds will be given on Bid Day baskets after they have been delivered.  Bid Day Basket returns and exchanges will not be accepted after September 1, 2023.

How do I let you know which house should be assembled in the basket and delivered to?

- Don't worry, we've got this!!  During the early morning of Bid Day, Saturday, August 19th, we will receive a list from Panhellenic with all the new member names and their houses.  We will work through the early morning, assembling all the baskets. 

When will the basket arrive at the Greek house?

- The baskets arrive on Bid Day between 8:00am and 9:00am at the PNM's new sorority chapter

What if her name doesn't appear on the Bid Day list?

- If this happens to occur, you can swap the basket out for a gift card for the ultimate "Back to School"/"Game Day" shopping spree or we can fully refund you. Whichever you'd prefer!

What if her name appears on the list but decides not to accept?

- Not a problem!  We can switch the amount of the basket to a J. Cole gift card for the best back to school shopping a girl could ask for or we can fully refund the basket to your original form of payment.  However, if we are not informed by 7AM the day of Bid Day and the basket is already made and delivered, we are not able to retrieve it.

What if one of the items in the basket becomes Sold Out?

- We've got a back-up!  If this happens, an item of equal value, but just as AWESOME, will be substituted in its place.  If a substitution is not available, a J. Cole gift card for the value of the item will be substituted.

What if the size of an item doesn't work or she doesn't like the substituted item?

- No worries, we understand!  If by chance a size doesn't work for your new member or she doesn't like the item that was substituted, we are happy to exchange the item or give her store credit until September 1, 2023. 

 I received 3 bid day baskets, can I return any?

- Sure!  We are happy to return them for store credit!  

Will the girls know they have a basket waiting for them at the house?

- Do to the short amount of time and the large amount of baskets we have to assemble, we will not be able to notify them that they have a basket at their sorority house.  We recommend that you let them know so they can be on the look out!

Some of my items are not monogrammed, what do I do?

- Don't worry!  It would be impossible to get all of the monogrammed items monogrammed within the short amount of time and not make a mistake.  To keep this from happening, some of the items may not be monogrammed but will be the correct size.  A form should have been put in the basket with these items.  Just fill out that form, bring those items to J.Cole - Stillwater located on Campus Corner, and we will get it monogrammed with the correct house letters and name.  All items need to be brought to us by September 1st, 2023 by 7:00pm and they will be ready in about one to two weeks.  Please allow for extra time if a size needs to be ordered and then monogrammed. 

I'm at the house and the basket isn't there!  What do I do?

- Each house gives us a designated place to drop off the bid day baskets.  However, throughout the day the baskets do get moved around to create more space within the house.  Because of this commotion, bid day baskets can be missed or pushed into a corner and the new member may not see their basket. 

What if I want to add a gift card to the basket, is this possible?

- Absolutely!  We can add a J. Cole gift card to any basket!  You can either click the link online located in the information section of the basket, or just tell the sales associate when checking out in-store that you would like to add a gift card to the basket!  You can also click here to add a gift card or click here to see the other awesome add ons to make her day extra special!

Why does your website ask for a shipping address?

Our e-commerce software, Shopify, requires all online orders to fill out a shipping address however we know to deliver all bid day baskets to the correct OSU sorority house.