PSA: Recruitment Emergency Kit

PSA: Recruitment Emergency Kit - J. Cole Shoes

Hi ladies, my name is Kassidy Paul and I am a J.Cole Shoes intern for the summer. I am involved in Oklahoma State greek life and have gone through stressful sorority recruitment.

Going through formal Recruitment involves preparing your resume, writing recommendation letters, prepping your outfits, but one thing gets forgotten until the last minute. The crucial contents of your recruitment bag. A well-thought-out bag is a necessity when going through recruitment as it carries things to survive the week.

J.Cole Shoes has made this recruitment bag a piece of cake for you. Its called a Recruitment Emergency Kit. It will hold all you'll need during your recruitment week journey! These kits are great to buy for your daughter, sister, niece, friend or whoever you know going through.


The J.Cole Recruitment Emergency Kit includes:

  • An easy to clean cosmetic bag- hold all of your essentials but can be used as a makeup bag, pencil bag and to hold extra things in your purse or anything else you need it for!
  • A compact, light-up mirror- ensure your hair and makeup remains perfect! Or to make sure none of that lunch got left in your teeth (jk)! It lights up so it's great
  • An umbrella- ABSOLUTELY NEEDED during formal recruitment. Not only can it be used for the rain, but also to keep you shaded from the sun. You will be so thankful for this!
  • Oil blotting wipes- Do I need to say more? If you are human, when there is hot summer heat, your face is bound to create oil. All you have to do is pull one of these babies out and your face is fresh again!
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape- necessity to any outfit especially during recruitment when you are constantly on the move. You can apply these to your bra, Spanx, or whatever to ensure that your outfit does not move!
  • Mini I-Fan- the ultimate life saver during this adventure in the heat. It's easy- plug it into your phone and it immediately cools you off!
  • Haute Heels- When you are wearing sandals, wedges, heels, etc. and walking all over the place, you are most likely going to end up with a blister. Well not with these Haute Heels! You put them on your heels or problem areas prior to putting the shoe on, and it prevents any cut or blister!
  • Honestly Margo Lavender Balm- The greatest invention yet. Put these on your lips, wrists, neck, etc. and the essential oils will calm you down. It can relieve stress in-between parties or when it's late at night and all you can think about is recruitment.


These Recruitment Emergency Kits are too good to pass up. Let J.Cole Shoes lessen the stress of going through recruitment. You can shop these in-store at J.Cole Tulsa or online! TRUST ME. These Recruitment Emergency Kits are a NECESSITY when going through Formal Recruitment.