2023 OSU Rush Outfits!!! Let's Go Pokes!!!

2023 OSU Rush Outfits!!! Let's Go Pokes!!! - J. Cole Shoes

2023 Formal Recruitment Outfits! Lets Go Pokes! 

Open House Round: This Round is on Zoom so be sure to wear a cute blouse and fun jewelry


Philanthropy Round: You will be given a T-Shirt to wear so make sure you pair it with fun shorts and cute sneakers or flats


Sisterhood Round: This rounds theme is Game Day! Outfits including orange, black, or white would be great! We loved pairing our with cute cowboy boots or sneakers


Preference Round: Be Genuine! Wear something that you feel confident in. A nice dress with heels or wedges would be perfect! This "Easter" attire. 

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