Oklahoma State Recruitment Week 2019

Oklahoma State Recruitment Week 2019 - J. Cole Shoes

Are you a senior in high school going through Oklahoma State Recruitment? Do you have a daughter going through? We know how stressful this time can be looking for the perfect outfit for each day. We have made it easy and broken down each round with examples of outfits for Oklahoma State Rush Week 2019.

These are just a few ideas for each round- we've created a Recruitment Collection with other pieces that are sure to help you be your best self!

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Round 1: Open Round

Open Round at Oklahoma State is broken up into two separate days and are still fairly casual. For the first day, put on your best gameface- gameday outfits are expected so don't be afraid to show your school spirit. The second day a t-shirt is provided- express your style with fun patterened shorts or a skirt!

Some ideas for the first day: ALL THINGS ORANGE AND BLACK. Cute orange top paired with a black skirt or shorts. Can be accessorized with fun jewelry or a fun hair tie! Or even a simple black dress with cute sandals.




Some ideas for the second day: This is the easiest day to dress for. The t-shirt can be worn with cute bottoms or a skirt. Fun sandals or sneakers easily finish this look as well as some cute jewelry! 



Round 2: House Tour

House Tour is only one day and is dressier than the first round. Recommended is a sundress, cute skirt and top, or a romper- something you would wear to a fun dinner with your girlfriends or date night!



Round 3: Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy kicks it up a notch on the dressy scale. A good tip for the week is that the same outfit could be acceptable for the last three rounds but it just needs to be dressed up as the week goes on. The same things like dresses, rompers, or jumpsuits are recommended but just be sure to dress it up a little more!



Round 4: Pref Day

To polish off the week, wear your Sunday best for Pref Day. This could be a jumpsuit with heels or wedges, a dress with heels or wedges, a romper with heels or wedges (you see where we're going with heels and wedges!). Add some statement jewelry to complete the look.


Shoes for Rounds 2, 3, & 4:

TIP: bring a change of shoes in your recruitment bag to walk in between parties!



Although outfits are a fun part of recruitment, the most important thing to remeber is that you are your self- afterall, that's your very best quality! You are going to be amazing- just smile & enjoy the memories you're making!

XOXO J.Cole Shoes

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